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Tips and Strategies on How to Win in Blackjack


Author of the publication: Joshua Brown

You are mistaken if you think that it is enough to know the rules and strategies of Blackjack to be a successful player: yes, of course, Blackjack is a skill game, but like any other game, it has its secrets that can help players play Blackjack better and more successfully.

The secrets of Blackjack online are wonderful tips that determine your behavior at the table and help you choose the right action for winning. There are not many of them. They are easy to remember and easy to follow. The fact is that all professional players do not forget about these secrets, and they improve their chances of winning with them.

4 Tips on How to Improve your Playing

Tip 1. Split the Pair of Aces or 8

Usually, in case you have 2 similar cards in a Blackjack game, you have a chance to split them. This cannot always be the option. But whenever you have a pair of Aces or 8, your ideal option is to split them. If you count a pair of Aces, you will get 12, but after splitting them – 21. The same is with the pair of 8. After splitting them, there are 2 possibilities of getting 18.

Tip 2. Never Split 6 or 10

If you have a pair of 10 in free Blackjack, you will get 20. This is really a rather strong hand to split it and receive something worse. However, if you split the pair of 6, your chances are even worse.

Tip 3. Do not Take Insurance

If you are not a card counter, then never take insurance when you play Blackjack free. This can only be done if you are sure that you have a Blackjack dealer. As a rule, this does not work when you play Blackjack online.

Tip 4. Make the Dealer Go Bust (in case of 21)

In case the dealer has something between 4 and 6, let him go bust. Although in case you are the owner of a soft hand and it is not possible to bust, why don’t you take an extra card in Blackjack free?

On the Internet, you can find numerous tables offering you the best decisions to increase your chances to win against the dealer. Frankly speaking, all these ways decrease the chances of a dealer’s advantage to less than 1%.

Tips and Strategies on How to Win in Blackjack

These are the main of them:

  • Do not take insurance;
  • In case you possess 11 in total, take it;
  • Double up to general 10 or 11 if the dealer has higher cards;
  • With the total of 18 – stop

When the Ace is equal to 1:

  • In case you get 17, stop the game;
  • If the dealer has 7 or greater and you have from 12 to 16, draw a card;

When the Ace is equal to 11:

  • In case you get 18, stop the game;
  • In case you get 17 or less, pull

If you draw a card during the game, here is the probability that you will bust:

Your hand + %

Blackjack cards: 21 - 100%; 20 - 92%; 19 - 85%; 18 - 77%; 17 - 69%; 16 - 62%; 15 - 58%; 14 - 46%; 13 - 39%; 12 - 31%; 11 ou moins 0%.

Is it possible to win in Blackjack uk online? Using the suggested methods and tips, you will soon be able to answer this question independently. In practice it is still easier than in theory - you just need to learn how to bet online, to count, and having gained enough experience, you can truly enjoy the process, and also get good money for it.

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