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Roulette Online: Play With No Download At

Roulette Online: Play With No Download At

The online Roulette casino game developed by Playtech allows its players to enjoy a really good game of roulette without going to the local casino. You basically get all the functionality of a physical roulette wheel on your computer or even smartphone.

You can now try the latest online Roulette from Playtech. Live the real vegas experience and get ready for big wins.

  • All Roulette players place bets until the start of the session.
    • Just after the chips are on the gaming table, Wheel of Fortune begins its rotation.
    • The spinning of the ball in the Wheel of Fortune occurs in the opposite side of the rotation.
    • The roulette player that have guessed the stop of the ball correctly, wins.
    • The winner is announced immediately after the ball stops and the prizes are paid out without any delays.
    • At the beginning, the risk bets are paid out.
    • A reverse order is followed for the American Roulette payments.


Additional Info

  • According to the history, the today Roulette rules have been created as early as the 16th century.
  • The first Roulette table was open in Monte Carlo Casino and the game with its unique design took place.
  • Although there are many versions of Roulette offered, but the most famous is the European Roulette.
  • You won’t find Zero area on the wheel in the Roulette known as No-Zero.
  • The Roulette known as American is equipped with multiple Zero areas on the wheel.
  • When the Roulette has track-main feature, the bets are made orally.

Rules and gameplay for online roulette 

If you choose to play roulette for fun, the only real difference compared to a real roulette in a casino is that you don’t have to spend any of your money. Apart from that, the winning chances, rules and even the feeling are almost the same. Furthermore, the Random Number Generator behind the online game also assures you that nobody can cheat on it.

Before the action starts you must place your bet and here things are interesting enough since you can choose from multiple betting options.  After the spins, the ball will stop on a number and if you’ve been inspired enough to choose the right numbers, you will be rewarded with nice prizes. Your options when it comes to betting are a single number, a number type like odd or even, a range of numbers like first or last 12 or the number 0.

 Online Roulette graphics and visuals

Playtech did a really great job with the graphics of this online roulette as it truly recreates the feeling and visuals you’d get in a real casino. The angles also make you feel like you’re right there in the room looking at the online roulette table. The things you’ll see on screen are as follows:

  • The blue table with numbers where you place the bet
  • The very realistic 3D wheel
  • Chips appear on the number you choose to play

After the balls stops, you also get a magnified frame to see clearly where the ball stopped This attention to details makes Playtech’s online roulette really stand out from the other versions of this very popular table game. And if you play online roulette often enough, you’ll really appreciate this small but important details.

Closing thought about online roulette 

It is safe to say that if you decide to play roulette online you must surely pick this one developed by Playtech. And not necessarily because they’re one of the top software providers worldwide but for the features it has and for the overall experience it gives to players. So if you’re still thinking about which casino game to choose, we’ll say it again: online roulette is the game for you!

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