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Learn How to Become a Pro Blackjack Dealer in a Very Short Time


Author of the publication: Joshua Brown

Now, it is obvious that games like roulette or slots never need the same effort and intellectual activity as Blackjack or poker. In fact, card games are more difficult than the games that involve reels. In the same way, Blackjack dealing is not an easy thing. But we can teach you how to become a Blackjack game dealer.

Learn How to Work Out Blackjack Payouts

Most of the bets that you will encounter during the games are the ones that pay out even money. If you have a customer with £25 on the box, then the amount they will win is £25. But when the win is with the Blackjack, which means that the first two cards are an ace and a face card or ten, then the win will be half to one. This means £15 for a £10 on the box.

How to Add Up the Cards

Pro Blackjack Dealer in a Very Short Time

This is regarded as the most difficult part of the Blackjack games. You will encounter some players making a lot of comments on adding up the cards, and if you haven’t learnt how to do this, you will get confused. If you want to be a good Blackjack online or offline dealer, learn how to add up the cards, because people who play Blackjack will always concentrate on this.

Pulling the Cards

There will always be a shoe on the left-hand side of the Blackjack table from where you pull the cards. When you do, you should pass them to the players with your right hand. The pulling should be done with the thumb and index fingers only, and the cards should be laid smartly on the table without any fuss.

Float Management

Your major job here is to make sure that the number of chips in the float does not reduce much. Make sure that many of them remain there without the players taking them.

Minding the Boxes

If you are learning Blackjack online and offline dealing, you will be taught how to deal with every box on the table. However, one thing you should avoid is dealing to all Blackjack boxes like a programmed robot. If you do, you will make the mistake of handing cards to empty tables, and that is an abomination.

Some Additional Tips

  • Avoid acting like a rookie in such a way that everyone at a Blackjack casino hall notices.
  • Do not take the hole in the table as yours, it is just for the chip tray.
  • Make sure you learn and master the best posture to assume as a dealer.
  • If you happen to be dealing Blackjack in London, you must avoid addressing the cutting card as a postilion.
  • Consider all things before you agree to hit a player, and add some form of personal style to what you have learnt about the Blackjack.
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