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Keno Online: Play For Free At

Keno Online: Play For Free At

Keno is definitely the right game for you if you’re on the lookout for a complex casino game that also involves characteristics of other games. Online Keno borrows things from bingo, roulette and even poker to create a very special experience and manages not to complicate it at the same time.

If you want to play keno online then you’re in the right place. Here you can play as much online keno as you want without spending one cent. Discover how.

  • Nearly all the gambling resources have Keno in their arsenal of online games.
    • A lot of gamblers got interest in the game recently.
    • There are a lot of common things between Keno and Lotto.
    • The reign of Han Dynasty in Ancient China is considered to be the time of the appearance of Keno.
    • Real life Keno and its online version boast of having the same rules.
    • Gives you a lucky chance of winning up to $100,000 a draw.


Additional Info

  • The user needs to pick not less than 4 and up to 10 numbers between 1 and 80.
  • You should only pick the numbers you want on the empty ticket on your screen and computer will remember these numbers automatically.
  • Number receive the name ‘spots’.
  • If you want to increase your chances to win, it is better to pick more numbers.
  • Not less than 10 cents you are to bet.
  • The prize can be yours if only your lucky numbers are drawn.
  • The draw results are made known at once and you can check them on your computer screen

Rules and gameplay for free Keno

If you already played the lottery or bingo then you’ll have an easy time understanding the rules of Keno online.  You basically have a ticket just like when playing bingo but this is where the similarities stop. In keno, you won’t have those lines that you use to win. Here there are some cards that allow you to choose up to 10 number or even as far as 20. You then place your bet and hope that the numbers you chose will be among the winning ones that are randomly selected.

Playing Keno online vs offline

It’s only obvious that the Keno online version is way easier and fast than its offline counterpart. Instead of involving someone else to help you with the ticket and validating it after the draw, everything happens in the background on a Random Number Generator.

Another great plus when choosing to play Keno online is that you are not necessarily forced to place real money bets. That would be unacceptable in a land-based casino since they don’t allow players to use demo credits. Well, playing online will let you test for as long as you wish because there’s no limit on how many free credits you can use. This makes it perfect for you to familiarize with Online Keno and really give it your best shot when switching to real funds.

Final thought regarding the Keno game 

Either if you’re simply tired of all other casino games like roulette, poker, baccarat or bingo or you simply want to try something new, playing Keno online is our recommendation.  The simple fact that it combines other casino games as well as being so easy to understand its rules makes it a perfect game for all types of gamblers. Add to that the fact that is highly entertaining and, if played right, you can get really good prizes and you just may get the best game ever. Not having to take our word for it though, try it right now for free and see for yourself. There are plenty of Keno games on our website, choose your favourite and good luck!

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