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European Roulette: Play With No Registration At

European Roulette: Play With No Registration At

Introducing a popular casino game: the online European roulette 


Both traditional and internet casinos contain many variations of the roulette game. From them, the European roulette game has become the most popular one for the vast majority of punters. The main reason for this is that any player has bigger chances to win. Also, the house edge for this casino game is only 2.63%.

Play online European roulette now and do your best to win big. You don’t have to download anything, and there isn’t any registration required.

  • Easy and comprehensive interface.
    • The wheel is equipped with 37 ball pockets.
    • Pay attention that external and internal bets are standard.
    • In total, the highest bet is 1000.
    • Each bet comprises 2 extra scores.
    • Payment is around 97.30%.


Additional Info

  • European Roulette and English one are quite similar.
  • In case you’ve changed your mind, you can change you bet and this possibility is really great.
  • When you click on “Clear All”, all the bets will be removed.
  • European Roulette is characterized by a very realist ball turning and animation of wheel.

How to play the European roulette online

The wheel of European roulette amounts 37 divisions, and among them, numbers ranging between 1 and 36 or even 0 is present on the table. The single zero is marked with green, while the numbers 1 to 36 that are coloured black and red.

The purpose of any player is predicting that specifically numbered pocket on which the ball will settle into. The players will place their bet on a certain number. The dealer will turn the wheel clockwise while spinning the ball counter-clockwise. After the ball lands in the pocket chosen by the player, he will get paid.

The rules roulette European variant

European roulette online is a casino game that has a relatively easy betting process. The player will place his chips to make his bet, and after that, use the button that says “Spin”. After the round has ended, he can either duplicate previous bet by pressing “Rebet” or clear all bets to start fresh by hitting button “ Clear Bets. “

The process of betting at brick-and-mortar casinos is made in the presence of four casino members. Two of the four are the croupiers, with the main task being to handle the setting part and spinning the ball.

The other members are the table-end, and these two employees should make sure that the European roulette game will run smoothly.

The European roulette must have at least 1 and a maximum of 8 participants. The game will start after the croupier announces the players to place their bets. After they have taken this action, the croupier will place the ball onto the wheel of the roulette for a spin. After the ball has two additional moves, the croupier will announce that there are no bets that can be made.

At a certain moment, the ball will land on one pocket out of the 37 total of pockets. A croupier will check out and then announce the lucky number. All bets that are not winning will be collected by the house, and the winning ones are paid.

How to bet at European online roulette

The roulette game is composed of two major sections: numbers that you can bet on and intervals that you can bet on. The European Roulette allows players to use individual or what is called an “outsidebet”. Thus, there are inside bets made on only one number, and outside bets for wider segments of numbers.

The vast majority of the bets have different odds of winning, and also different payouts. The odds and the payouts are not visible but an experienced gambler should be aware of that. The only ones that are listed are the column bets payout.


Because many players have great chances to win big, it is no wonder that European roulette is one of the most popular casino games at this moment.

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