BlackJack Casino Consultant

BlackJack Casino Consultant

Blackjack online is without doubt one of the most popular table games on any gambling den. This game can have between one and seven gamblers besides the dealer. Each gambler plays against the dealer and to win a hand, a gambler’s card value has to be 21 or close to it than the dealer’s card without exceeding. If a hand exceeds 21, it is regarded as a ‘burst’ and it represents lose.

  • The price of cards from 2 to 10 is 2 to 10 points respectively.
    • Jack’s, Queen’s, King’s prices are 10 points, Ace’s price is 1 or 11.
    •11 until the total exceeded 21, then it is 1.
    •Whenever the opponents have an equal number of points, this is called ‘Stay’ or ‘Push’.
    • Before the cards are dealt you need to place bets.
    • When the dealer and the players obtain 2 cards each, the cards are open and everyone can see them.



  • You need to score higher amount of points than the dealer.
  • The amount of points must not exceed 21.
  • You are free to use 1-8 decks while playing Blackjack.
  • It is allowed to gamble using an infinite amount of decks if you play with shuffle.
  • The deck of cards is mixed with a residual amount of cards in the end.
  • While playing with one deck, it is mixed after every game.

Determining the best casino to play blackjack online

If you want to play blackjack game, deciding on the best casino to play at could be the toughest thing about it. Whether you are new to gambling or you are a seasoned veteran with various gambling den memberships, you will encounter the same challenge.

The most important things to consider when choosing a casino to play free blackjack or play for real money include:

History and Rules of Blackjack

• Software

All casino software is created differently. You need to analyze its playability, how it sounds and how it looks. You must also consider if instant playing is available.

• Games and tournaments

You need to check how many blackjack variants are being offered and if multiplayer tournament is offered or not.

• Promotions and bonuses

Blackjack game is one of the perfect ways of winning money and most casinos tend to provide bonuses, which are not blackjack-friendly. At times, you may not be able to play with the bonus money.

• Banking methods and customer support

Gamblers must also check the customer service and banking methods of a casino before they sign up.

Playing blackjack at is an elegant gambling place, which apart from having all the features of an excellent casino is backed up with several years of professional service. You will have access to many Blackjack variants than you can find in most gambling places. offers excellent customer support. Gamblers can reach the support team any time they feel like since they are available 24/7 via live chat, email and telephone.

Safety when one plays blackjack casino online is a major issue and this casino addresses the concern perfectly. All personal and financial information provided by gamblers is protected with SSL encryption.

Also, tests the game for fairness to ensure that it is fair.

How to win money with blackjack online

It is recommended to play the free blackjack version if you are not ready to play for real money. This is the best way to hone your skills.

To play for real money, a player must understand the rules for winning. When playing, the only thing that a player is in control of is the duration of playing. You need to slowly increase your bets while you win as this lowers the probability of catastrophic loss.

The most excellent way of winning is through getting dirty and watching others play. A player can watch other players as they lose or win. This helps in boosting confidence.

When you are ready to play, begin with small amounts. Think of what you could have won if you place larger bets and feel relieved by thinking of how much you could have lost, but you didn’t. Doing this helps in predicting what the playing experience can be without risking so much.

Also, in gambling it is recommended not to bet more than what you are ready to lose. Most gamblers have an addictive behavior during blackjack games and if you feel that you have such addictions, it is better not to start playing.

Blackjack Online FAQ

1. How Do You Play Blackjack?

If you want to beat the dealer, draw a hand value that is higher than what the dealer has. The dealer also loses if the hand value drawn is more than 21 and another way for you to win is by only you drawing a hand value of 21 on the 1st 2 cards you have. You can win as a dealer if the hand value of the player is more than 21 and if you have a greater hand value than the player when the round ends.

2. What Does It Mean to Push in Blackjack?

A push happens when the cards of the player and dealer in their hand have the same value. If this is the case, the player’s bet will be returned. The player will not win nor lose anything. When you play blackjack online, this can happen as well, and your bet will be returned to you.

2. What Does It Mean to Push in Blackjack?

A push happens when the cards of the player and dealer in their hand have the same value. If this is the case, the player’s bet will be returned. The player will not win nor lose anything. When you play blackjack online, this can happen as well, and your bet will be returned to you.

Online BlackJack Reviews and Offers

3. Can Online Blackjack Be Beaten?

Yes, it can be beaten. However, before you play blackjack online, you need to know that every strategy is according to math and logic. You need to choose a reliable online casino such as because it features great bonuses and a lot of blackjack games you can enjoy.

4. Can Free Black Jack Games Be Profitable?

Similar to any other online casino game, you are also battling house edge when playing blackjack. Unless you are an expert in card counting, you might get short. However, you can definitely earn a lot of money when you pick the right casino. Look for a site that allows you to play free blackjack online because you can test them out without risking anything at 1st. You should also go for the ones that have generous payouts and bonuses.

5. Blackjack – How to Win

One of the easiest ways to win even if it is you are playing one of the free blackjack games is to know when to stand. For instance, if the dealer has a face-up card that is 4, 5, or 6, the best thing to do is to stand if your hand is weak. For example, if your hand has a 10 and a 2, there is a 70% chance that your hand could improve, but then there is a 30% of a bust. Let the dealer bust and just try again.

Blackjack is a game that does not take long to learn, and the strategies are pretty easy to master for you to win big.


Whether playing blackjack online is a career or a hobby, it is good to narrow your choices to only credible gambling places. It will be tragedy if you fail to receive what you have won.

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