Italy is the land of romance, historical monuments, so that people of the seven wonders of the world, such as pizza Vatican City, it offers a spectacle in itself, with its famous paintings and sculptures tower. Italy has so much to offer, it makes you want to come back again and again. However, the romance and history is not always the only attraction in Italy, there is another side to attract tourists and countrymen alike, this is an Italian casino. Most major Italian cities will have a casino, especially if it is a tourist attraction, and frankly what part of Italy, not a tourist attraction? Italy has been kept open casino, even during the war, many in crowded places during that time, and escape from reality, to find the goddess of fortune. Of all the casino ( there are a few ) of the Venice Casino is that they are the most famous and highest source of income. Its success has made ​​it possible to open another Venetian casino, but this time in Malta, which will ensure that they online casino are as good a top position in the future. Italy ‘s casino is very diverse, once such example is located in the town of Campione in Italy and Switzerland border casinos. Went to the ” service of Campione d’Italia casino ‘You must pass Milan – Como motorway, the experience is very worthwhile because the casino has its own house rules, it will be displayed at the entrance, you should read very carefully good. part is, if Lady Luck did not smile at you, and gambling have all you have to do is to open a Swiss bank account. most Italian casino will open in about 14:00, between 4:00 to 6:00 am and closed anywhere. legal age of gambling and drinking alcoholic beverages is 18, you will be required to identify you, there is a recent photograph, be the best thing your driver’s license without a passport. most Italian casino, because a large number of visitors have visited this beautiful country every year speaks fluent English and you will find all the international casino games, casinos in most of Italy applicable international rules available.

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